I remember when I first started wearing makeup, I really had to go through a couple brands till I found my faves. I like my make-up to look natural, I'm not into eyeshadow or blush, just good concealer, foundation, mascara, brows and bronzer! I love Make-Up Forever, Bare Minerals, NARS & some Sephora products. Keep reading to see what I use!

I use Make-Up Forever's HD Primer, their HD Foundation in 178 (amazing and true to color). Their HD Concealer is a must, I buy like 3 tubes at a time because they finish so fast, but they are so darn good! I recently purchased NARS Casino bronzer and I use that or Bare Minirals 'Warmth' as a finishing touch. I lost my angled liner, and I got an even better replacement from Sephora's brush line.
As for my brushes I use a #44 Pro Stippling for blending from Sephora's brush line and I recently bought their Square Foundation brush which is actually way better than my old #47 Foundation brush (also from Sephora's line). The two smaller brushes came with my Bare Minerals kit, their Full Flawless Face & Flawless Face brushes, I also use their Concealer brush (not pictured) to apply my concealer.

I also almost forgot to mention that lovely stick of 'Orgasm' bronzer from NARS. It really highlights and gives you that bronzy glow, which I love, and my favorite mascara (not pictured) is from Sephora. I received it as a Beauty Insider member and that's all I use. There you have it, my Makeup Staples!

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