Recently while I was on my way to the city, I was doing my routine check for new and interesting articles on Facebook and I came across one entitled '8 Reasons Successful People Are Choosing to Wear the Same Thing Every Day' via BecomingMinimalist. I thought to myself why would I want to wear the same thing everyday? I figured the article would be a short list that would convince me to do just that. But instead I learned about 'The Capsule Wardrobe Movement'.

Within the past year I had a rigorous schedule so I always found myself wondering how I could cut down the time it took for me to get ready. Little did I know that I unconsciously was becoming apart of this capsule wardrobe movement. Some key points that I identified with from the article were less time wasted, fewer decisions & feeling more put together. I've managed to finally have the essential staples that I can rotate in my closet for everyday wear or when I just need to throw something on and still be just as stylish and I just replenish whenever I feel like it.

My style is generally casual right now and also in transition, so here are some key items that personally work for me. The white tee is a must (the same applies for black). I would suggest an over-sized tee (I wear mines as a dress sometimes), a tank, a hi-low, a crop and a fitted. I also do the same with my white blouses, they vary from long sleeved to short, to sleeveless, hi-lo, sheer etc. I'm a heather grey advocate, I would suggest an oversized heather grey t-shirt and also a sweatshirt. Next would be black pant/jeans, I suggest having a regular denim, a leather or faux leather and a destructed pair with rips for when you're feeling a bit edgy.

For denim, I think everyone should have a variation of washes from really light to really dark. Being that I've worked with denim for the past year, I am a bit more specific when it comes to my washes so I like to have different casts, either red, blue, or green. That's an entirely different topic that I'll cover in another post. A pair of white jeans are a must, they just look great with anything, I have a couple since I always manage to spill something on myself.

As for shoes, I always find myself wearing my Converse or my New Balance's for my everyday wear. I switch it up depending on what type of event I'm attending. As for jackets I'll also cover that along with accessories in another post. I'm in the middle of condensing my closet and that might prompt for a new look, so stay tuned for that ;).

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