The weather in NYC is finally warming up, which means there will be lots of outdoorsy time at the beach, barbecues and cool summer events. Warm weather also encourages spontaneity so I'll definitely need to be able to have the option of dressing quickly and heading out the door. My last post was all about the Capsule Wardrobe and it was geared more towards the weird fall/winter/spring weather patterns New York has been experiencing.

A few months ago I purged my closet and I donated tons of clothing and shoes but yesterday I realized that I still have way too much clothing! I know some of my readers can relate to this feeling ;).  So I've decided that I'm purging again and this time I researched a bunch of new ideas and techniques that I will be sharing with you of course :). I'm going to tell you about the techniques and how I used them to reach my end goal of a purged closet. I'm also blogging in real time as I work on it. Get comfortable because this post might be a long one.

The first technique is 'The 4-Pile Strategy'. 

I started by pulling everything out of my closet into one big pile. I left some items on the hangers, to avoid having to hang them up again. The first step is to start making piles of clothes and be 'ruthless'. I loved the first step because that's exactly how I felt pulling everything out. My inner hulk came out haha. 

The 1st Pile will consist of the items you love. They must fit you well and they must be items you wear frequently. This is your keep pile. 

The 2nd Pile will consist of items you want to keep and you don't know why. 

The 3rd pile will consist of items that don't fit you or your style. They suggest you donate. 

The 4th pile are items that aren't in good condition. Throw these items away. (sidenote: I've been reading about how many clothing are in landfills, so maybe give these items to goodwill, they might be able to find a way to re-use them)

The 1st pile will go back into your closet, but WAIT. Before we move on, I wanted to interject some other techniques geared towards organization. I did a Wardrobe Diagnostics Test (for fun) and I think they were head on in my diagnose lol. Something else that helps me in this step is seeing some type of wardrobe checklist. So here are my faves:

And if you are more visual like me...

I also think the Rule of Three technique might be able to help some of you out in this step. This trick will add variety to your wardrobe. For example if you want a white top, you'll have one plain option, one statement option and one in-between option.

After you get through this, box up or put the 2nd pile in a storage container and keep that at the back of your closet or top shelf for 30 days. If you don't miss the pile within after 30 days. You can donate it.

UPDATE: After evaluating I realized that the 4th pile didn't apply to me, since I got rid of all the damaged items in my last closet purge. Let's rewind to the 3rd pile, I decided to remix mine. Since I donated last time, I actually decided that my 3rd pile will be my 'sell' pile and the items from the 2nd pile which I don't miss after 30 days will be sold as well. Whatever doesn't sell I will donate. This pile will consist of items that have been hanging in my closet (shoes included) and I have literally never worn or I've only worn them once. I call these my trophy items because they literally stay on the shelf like a trophy and are just nice to look at, but it's time for me to let them go. Stay tuned for the Neue Gloss online store where you will be able to shop some of my favorite things!

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